The Job

You will take a look at some of the problems which no one else can solve. Both software, hardware and related to social engineering. You will advice management in IT security in current systems and the nuclear reactors which we plan to run.

About you

You are not good at keeping appointments and delivering on time. You have a good understanding of consequences of your actions or inactions. If you like to be challenged in your job, then this is the right place to work for you.

You have minimum 10 years experience in the field and maybe you have been in trouble before. You are difficult to work with, but you want to make sure that you always have your facts right. Your main programming language is C#. You can apply at jobs@copenhagenatomics.com

Send your CV and just write 10 - 20 lines about yourself and about stuff you have hacked in the past.

About Copenhagen Atomics

Based in Copenhagen we’re an international growth team of 50+ engineers, technicians and designers who are in the process of developing nuclear power plants to be manufactured on assembly lines in the future. We expect many new colleagues to join our company within the next 5 years as we expand our breadth and capabilities even further.

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If you are interested in our transformative technology and want to join our team, then drop us a line and we will keep you up to date with new jobs, company updates.

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