Mass manufacturing thorium reactors

A pile of thorium

the key source

Thorium is the only element that allows for a breeder reactor in thermal spectrum. This means that the power output per kg of fissile inventory can beat any other reactor. This is crucial for scaling global nuclear output to double digit TW levels in the coming decades.

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1000x faster than classic nuclear installation

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We make the best work of our lives

Meet our team

At Copenhagen Atomics you will find people with real skills. Building and solving engineering challenges with our own hands. We chose tools and work processes that optimize result and minimize bureaucracy. Eg. using short messages and not long meetings. You will find engineers and top management working on the actual products in the workshop, innovating together.

Meet our team

Energy as a service

Copenhagen Atomics will develop, build, maintain, and decommission a fleet of autonomous reactors, eventually numbering in the thousands. This allows Copenhagen Atomics to sell energy as a service through the heat transferred to our customers via 560°C hot salt and metered by the MWh.

Days of testing

The shortest route to a reliable product is lots of testing. So far, we’ve accumulated more than 10.947 days of testing on the components for our first reactor.

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