Highly purified salts

Highly purified salts

We are providing a number of clean, dry, and pre-melted salts. These salts include FLiNaK, FLiBe, Chloride and Lithium salts and can be delivered both in lab-grade quality, in volume of 1 Kg. salt ingots or in canisters.


What is molten salt used for?

There are many different applications for molten salt. We are building a molten salt reactor and we need a lot of highly purified salt for this. More than 10 tonnes this year alone. Other applications include concentrated solar power, thermal storage, fusion projects and general scientific research on flow, corrosion and more. So we see a growing interest to use this technology and we are happy to make our salts available for the market.

What are the challenges involved with molten salts?

You have to go through a very time consuming and labor intensive process in order to mix the unrefined salt into the eutectic composition. In addition, molten salts that contain a large amount of moisture, oxide and metal contaminants are highly corrosive. We have created a special production method to reduce Oxides in the salt to below 20 ppm and from extensive testing we see that this has a great impact on corrosion. Our goal is that we can supply the highest purified salt so others can focus on their technological development rather than battling corrosion.

Do you only supply FLiNaK salt?

No. We supply a great number of salts such as, but not limited to, FLiBe, thorium salts, uranium salts and chloride salts.

How are these salts supplied?

The salts are offered in two forms. Small ingots less than 1 kg vacuum packed or in 1 m3 tanks for volume delivery. The tanks have built in heating elements, which allows you to load the molten salt in liquid state, our transport tank is returned after the salt is loaded into your own system. The transport tanks with built in heaters make sure the salt is kept free from moisture and oxygen during the melting and transfer process. This data is logged digitally and a purity measurement certificate of each salt batch from the production will be provided. The transfer happens by pushing the liquid salt from the caister into your tanks by use of argon gas pressure through an insulated stainless steel pipe.

How is Copenhagen Atomic’s salt different from other commercially available salt?

Salt from Copenhagen Atomics is highly purified compared to other salts available, especially due to the fact that other commercially available salts are provided in powder form. Not only is it difficult to handle, it also needs to be mixed into the eutectic composition, which is very time and labor consuming, and often contains a large and variable amount of moisture, oxide and metal contaminants. Moreover, there is around 10 times the amount of moisture uptake in the powdered salt compared to the Loop grade ingot due to a lower surface area.

Do you need to use high quality alloys with highly purified salts?

It is possible to use SS316 with these salts and get very low corrosion rates, if the salt is handled in a way where they do not get contaminated and cover gas in the system is also very pure, e.g. less than 50 ppm oxygen in the cover gas. We find that very expensive materials like Hasteloy do not perform much better than SS 316 in such a clean environment. Both the heat exchangers and the pump used in Copenhagen Atomics are also made from SS316.

How to handle highly purified salts?

Samples received from Copenhagen Atomics are always vacuum packed in special containers to minimize the moisture uptake during transport. It is important to always unpack these inside a glovebox with 100 ppm oxygen and moisture. We can provide sensors which can help monitor this. We provide the salt as ingots, because this minimizes the moisture uptake per minute by a factor of 10 compared to a situation where it is impossible to load the ingots under full cover gas protection. When you purchase salt from Copenhagen Atomics, we provide instructions on how to handle it to minimize oxygen and moisture exposure while you load the salt, in order to avoid corrosion in your own system.

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