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Our mission and your passion

We are true believers in the necessity of sustainable green energy and we believe that there is an inextricable close tie between the abundance of accessible energy in the world, and the well being of our civilization. As a growth company we are looking for two nuclear engineers or physicists who have that same passion alongside several years of experience in computer modeling, neutronics, CFD, etc. We assume that you have experience with Serpent, OpenMC, MCNP, OpenFoam or similar and that you have a good understanding of molten salt reactors and how they are different from LWRs.

Who are you?

Curiosity is part of our culture and how we train every day as a team to become world champions of our mission. We are very curious of who you are and what purpose you have in life. What is your story and what are your dreams? As team players we depend on each other whether big or small projects and delivery. Hence, we make a huge effort to keep our promises and deadlines because it affects all of us. Our work pace can be intense at times due to our high ambitions, and errors can be expensive. However, if you like to be challenged Copenhagen Atomics might be the right place to work for you. Professionally we hope you have experience with 3D CAD drawings and meshing of such files. Preferably you also have knowledge in material properties and we are keen that you are skillful with Linux and programming experience with e.g. C++ or Python.. You can apply for this position at Please send your CV along with 10 - 20 lines about yourself and your experience with nuclear computer modeling and why you would like to work with MSRs.

About Copenhagen Atomics

Based in Copenhagen we’re an international growth team of 50+ engineers, technicians and designers who are in the process of developing nuclear power plants to be manufactured on assembly lines in the future. We expect many new colleagues to join our company within the next 5 years as we expand our breadth and capabilities even further.

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